Gringo Experience with Gringo Tuesday´s

LivinnX21 is a property created and designed to fill the needs of young professionals’ market in Colombia, this segment includes entrepreneurs, digital nomads, last semester students, and foreigners.

Based on the above, together with the team, we seek to make events or activities that are consistent with this profile and, of course, that help us to attract more people from this target. This is the premise that we are based on when looking for brands it’s about, and, in this searching was that we found Gringo Tuesday’s brand; with whom we started the process of making a partnership.

Gringo Tuesday’s is the largest language exchange event that currently exists in Bogotá, Colombia. This event is attended by people from around the world with a single common goal; practice languages ​​and, better than that, meet new people.

We loved this concept and, we realized that Gringo Tuesday’s is in line with and in tune with our own brand ideals. A few weeks ago, we met with them to have this dynamic in the building and they were one of our sponsors in the first welcome week that we did in February.

In short, the event was a success, the diversity of people from different countries, the environment, music, and spaces, were the perfect combination for both residents and guests to change their perception of Bogota´s Downtown events and, to discover a little of all the experiences that LivinnX21 has to offer them.

Thanks to the good reception of this event, we decided to do this language exchange every Thursday, every week, on the cover of the 20th floor and, at the same time, we are in negotiation with Gringo Tuesday’s to have a weekly and permanent event on our property. We are excited and we work with the objective that, as always, our residents enjoy the entire stay with us.